Common objects become strangely uncommon when removed from their context and ordinary ways of being seen.

-Wayne Thiebaud

MORNING LIGHT - from above

White bowl with Garlic and Ginger
oil on canvas panel

White Bauer console bowl with Fruit

8 x12  
oil on canvas

Green Ruffled bowl with Pears

6 1/4 x 8 1/2
oil on canvas paper  

Private Collection - California

White Urn with Apples 

10 x 10
oil on canvas panel


Green Platter with Arkansas Black Apples

12 x 12
oil on canvas panel

Redwing Bowl with Onion and Bok Choi

10 x 10
oil on canvas panel


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful paintings. I really like the way you handled the "white on white" in the garlic and ginger piece. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.

And thanks for visiting my blogs. I really appreciated your comment about the jamoca almond fudge. I knew someone out there would relate to that! :)

XiuCheng Che Award-winning Chinese Watercolor Artist said...

very nice paintings.I really like beautiful rainbow of reflections. and thank you Kaylyn,
You are very kind to visit and comment.
Best Regards

billspaintingmn said...

Bravo! These are beautiful! Your senstivity to the subject is magnetic, I can't take my eyes off em'

Anonymous said...

I, too, collect Homer Laughlin and other colorful dishes and pitchers. I love how you have looked at them in a whole new way!